My Current Look | Summer 2015

I’ve decided to bring back my Current Look posts where I share my go-to makeup routine on a seasonal basis, since that happens to be how often I change things up. As usual, I am quite chatty in this get “get ready with me” style video and I go into detail about each product I’m using. […]

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All-In-One Room Purge | Utah

Even though I haven’t posted about the urge to purge my belongings since this past spring, it is still very much present.  Since my last update in which I finished up my home office purge, I’ve gone on to clean out the two remaining rooms on the second floor of our home in Illinois, one of which […]

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Pregnancy Update | 20 Weeks

It’s pregnancy update time!  In my weekly update I share what’s happening in my pregnancy journey with you.  This includes general stats such as how I’m feeling, any symptoms I’m experiencing, food cravings and aversions, weight gain, bump shots, etc., as well as what’s going on in my life that’s pregnancy-related and any baby things we’ve purchased or received […]

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Week In Review | August 17 – August 23, 2015

Hello, friends!  It has been such a nice week at the family abode in Utah.  Summer time is absolutely beautiful out here.  I am soaking it all in!  I’d like to share some tidbits from my life last week as well as an accompanying photo recap with selections from my Instagram and Snapchat (@prettyneatlivng) feeds with you. If you […]

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Mission Statement

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