2013 Travel Series: Carry-On Challenge

For the last part of my 2013 Travel Series, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could pack for a 3-night trip with carry-on luggage only.  As many of you may already know, I am not exactly a light packer.  What you bring with you on a trip is unique to suit your needs.  I find I generally use anywhere from 90-100% of what I pack, which tells me that I am packing appropriately for myself.  That being said, I don’t often (if hardly ever!) pack carry-on luggage only.  I thought it would be fun to see if I could fit everything I would actually want for a 3-night trip into carry-on bags.  I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome!

OJ|OLJ 8:23:2013_1Airplane passengers are generally allowed one bag and one “personal item,” such as a shoulder bag, backpack, or laptop bag (I suggest checking the airline’s website for specific measurement requirements before traveling).  I decided to use my Vera Bradley Weekender bag as my main bag and my Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote as my “personal item” for this challenge.  I purchased the Weekender earlier this year as a soft-sided duffle-like option for car trips or light travel.  It is an extremely versatile bag!  There are quite a few built in slip-pockets around the interior walls of the bag.  The Weekender also has a generously sized zip pocket on the front exterior, and two small slip pockets flanking a “trolley sleeve” that allows you to easily slip the bag over the telescoping handles on wheeled luggage.  It’s extremely lightweight but sturdy and is easy to carry either by the reinforced handles or the adjustable over the shoulder strap.  I have already explained the many marvels of the Longchamp Le Pliage Tote as the perfect travel bag in my recent post about My Favorite Carry-On Bags.  I will just reiterate its simplistic yet extremely versatile design that makes it the quintessential shoulder bag for travel.

OJ|OLJ 8:23:2013_2I used my favorite packing organization aids to help me fit all my clothes, accessories, toiletries, and makeup into my Weekender.  My favorite Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes came in handy to keep my clothes compact, separate, and wrinkle-free.  I used an Eagle Creek Half Cube to stow my flip-flops and Shoe-Ins to protect my dress shoes.  I always like to prepare for the event that I might have to travel home with some damp items.  I have a wet suit bag to keep my bathing suits separate and a large ziplock for my loofah, hair towel, and head wrap that I use when washing my face.  I managed to pare down my toiletries and cosmetics to a few smaller cases.  I break down what is in each case below:

OJ|OLJ 8:23:2013_3I was most concerned about fitting my liquids and gels into a quart-size clear case.  Imagine my surprise when I managed to get all of my necessities into my Vera Bradley 3-1-1 Cosmetic Case, which can be used it place of the quart-size ziptop bag required to pass through security.  Having sample/travel sizes of my staples definitely helped!  Here’s a breakdown of everything I fit into the case:

1) Hand Sanitizer
2) Hand Cream
3) Toothpaste
4) Toner
5) Hair Oil
6) Daytime Eye Cream
7) Nighttime Eye Cream
8) Face Wash
9) Daytime Moisturizer
10) Nighttime Moisturizer
11) Makeup Baggie #1 with Setting Spray, Brush Cleaner, Perfume, and Eye Makeup Remover
12) Makeup Baggie #2 with Eyelid Primer, Face Primer, Brow Gel, Concealer, Mascara,and  Liquid Eyeliner
13) BB Cream
14) Body Sunscreen
15) Face Sunscreen

OJ|OLJ 8:23:2013_4I packed all of my non-liquid toiletries into my Purse Size Terry Bag from Glitzy Glam, including:

1) Makeup Remover Wipes
2) Pouch filled with Face Cottons & Cotton Swabs
3) LUSH Solid Shampoo
4) LUSH Solid Conditioner
5) Razor
6) Deodorant
7) Hairbrush
8) Baggie filled with Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, and Decorative Clips
9) Nighttime Lip Balm
10) Tongue Scraper
11) Floss
12) Toothbrush
13) Multivitamins

OJ|OLJ 8:23:2013_5I tucked all of my non-liquid cosmetics into my custom 1154 Lill Studio Leslie pouch, including two lipsticks (#1 & #2), eyelash curlers (#3), an eye and face palette (#4), eyeshadows (#5 & #6), a disposable spooly  brush (#7), a brow highlighter pencil (#8), pencil eyeliner (#9), two blushes (#10 & #12), face powder (#11), and cotton swabs (#13).

I recommend watching my Carry-On Challenge video (shown below) for a better look at my packing prep and how I packed each bag:

All in all, I am quite pleased I was able to successfully complete my Carry-On Challenge without sacrificing any of my travel must-haves.  🙂

OJ|OLJ 8:23:2013_6I am excited to be hosting a special 2013 Travel Series Giveaway including some of my favorite packing aids that I shared in this blog post and the coordinating video.  There will be TWO winners, each of which will win a Vera Bradley Weekender bag, an Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube, Half Cube, Tube, & Half Tube, a Sealed Wet Bag by Travel Happens, a shoe bag by Reisenthel, and a Vera Bradley 3-1-1 Cosmetic Case.  Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget below to be entered to win.  The giveaway is open internationally and will run until Friday, August 30, 2013 at 6 PM CST.  I will contact the winners directly via email in addition to announcing them on this blog post and on Twitter.  Good luck!


Congrats to Ashley P. and Serenity H. on being selected as the winners of my 2013 Travel Series Giveaway!

The Travel Series Giveaway Poll Results for *What is your packing style?* out of 3046  entries:

Admitted Overpacker – 48%
Everything in a pouch, Case, or Container – 34%
Proud Minimalist– 11%
Shove random things in a bag & hope for the best! – 7%
Anti-Packer (let someone else do the packing!) – less than 1%

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*This is not a sponsored post or giveaway.  I purchased all items shown myself, including the giveaway prizes.  All opinions are my own.*


118 thoughts on “2013 Travel Series: Carry-On Challenge”

  1. I could really use this win. Traveling to Texas to meet my biological dad for the first time. The organization would definitely help keep me calm and relaxed. Hopefully I can finally win this contest. Here’s hoping! Thank you for your generosity.

  2. LOVE this video. I’m an organized over packer but I never like to check bags because I’m a complete worrywart about my luggage going missing, so I take this challenge every time I fly! (usually succesfully!) I’d love to win this giveaway!! (I’m a new Vera Bradley fan too)

  3. Congratulations on your 3-day packing challenge! Especially your 3-1-1 cosmetic bag for your liquids. That quart-sized bag is always the biggest challenge. I completely relate, as I’m a firm believer in “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!”. I don’t feel quite comfortable unless I have everything I think I might need. Your generosity knows no bounds. The winners of your lovely prizes will be lucky indeed. Thanks again for another great organizational series. Much enjoyed.

  4. Omg!!! I really want to win this Giveaway!!! I loooove packing!!! 🙂 thank you for the opportunity Jen!!! Kisses to bunny!!

  5. What an amazing giveaway Jen! So thoughtful of you to give away such good quality travel items. Your series has given me so much inspiration and great ideas for my trip abroad next year. Thanks Jen 😀

  6. Just watched your challenge. Blimey girl, you know how to pack. You’ve given me some ideas, for when I go away in September. Keep making your videos. xx

  7. Awesome giveaway Jen, thanks so much for the chance to win such wonderful prizes. Love the Vera Bradley stuff, so cute.

  8. I love the Eagle Creek packing cubes and they’re the ticket to packing made easy! You did a great job packing everything you need for a weekend get away. You didn’t leave things out to make it fit either. I’m proud of you for doing it! I really think the packing cubes is the perfect essential!!! I’m heading over there now to check them out and hopefully purchase them. Even better, I hope I win the prize give-away!!!! 🙂 Thank you Jen!!!! I’m one of your biggest fans!!!! <3

  9. I have been traveling a lot between New Jersey and Providence, RI and found that using a backpack has worked pretty well for me. I actually have the English Rose campus backpack. This last trip though I found that I needed to bring another bag, but it still worked well for me.

  10. Hello, thank you for sharing your knowledge on organization. For me it is inspiring and very useful, I’m applying them in the assembly of different home environments. I do not want to forget to thank the possibility that the sweepstakes we who live outside your country (I`m from Argentina). Hopefully get lucky. Cheers, have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Jen,
    I love this!! I am a “bring everything or be square” kind of girl too =) I really enjoyed this series.
    Quick question, Where did you get the little zip lock baggies in the photo for the Vera Bradley 3-1-1 case #’s 11 and 12? Those would be perfect for not only packing but other little things.

    Thanks Jen,
    Chamie S.

  12. Dear Jen,
    I just want to let you know you are the most generous person on youtube. I’ve been following you for almost 2 years now and I just love all your channels. PLEASE don’t ever stop. You make me and alot of other people happy and help us out with all your knowledge, tips, sillyness and just being there like a good friend. I must admit that it bother the hell out of me when people are so mean to you at times but I’m always so impressed at the way you handle it. You don’t have a mean bone in your body, you are just blessed that way. I’m old enough to be your mom sweetie and at times you remind me of my 2 girl who are your age 2 yrs apart. I also think that you have a wonderful husband Don, yes he is a “good boy”. lol I can only hope my girls will find a man like him. You’re his princess and his #1 in life. Your love for each other is so inspiring! Oh, can’t forget that little precious Winnie, she is such a cutie I just wanna pick her up and give her a big kiss! So Sweetie take care and never change. Love, Anna

  13. This is so helpful! I always want to pack everything I may need on trips and I now feel I’ll be able to get it all packed. Thanks for the video.

  14. Good job. I’m such an over packer. I pack everything but the kitchen sink. Even if I’m going to be gone for one day,and most of the night. I end up bringing to much with me. I have a back pack full. And then my huge purse. And my little one has his entertainment bag which is packed full. Yea….I’m one of those I need this JUST in case. And the in case never happens unless I pack it.

  15. Jenn,

    I started watching your organization videos about 2 years ago & am so inspired by your ideas & techniques! Your packing “expertise” is very helpful. I am also old enough to be your Mother & another of the “bring it all because I might need it” kind of traveler!! Haha!! I appreciate your videos & your generosity in your give-aways. Thanks for being you & sharing with all of us!!

  16. I would be on cloud 9 if I won this giveaway – my hubby and I are going on our honeymoon in a little over a month, and these goodies would be so helpful with packing! Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  17. Love your travel series! I get so many good ideas from you! Please keep them coming! And thank you so much for hosting this awesome giveaway! You have the most generous heart Jennifer!

  18. I recently found your you-tube videos and instantly fell in love ! Between our love for Shih Tzu’s and all things Pooh !
    You have helped me to become a more organized person, So thank you.

    I don’t usually leave comments but I wanted to say thanks for putting yourself out there. I know these comments can be rough (chill out people !) but keep being yourself !

    I am loving Vlogust !!!!!

  19. Hey Jen! This is a great giveaway!!! I love that Vera Bradley bag and eagle creek pack it cubes are awesome! I really enjoy your packing videos on YouTube! They really do help me stay organized while traveling. I was wondering if you a packing video for a road trip and how you organize the car while on your road trip. Thanks!

  20. I am an admitted overpacker! Since I have been watching your packing videos, I have gotten much better! It’s the toiletries that get me every time! Arghh..thanks for having yet another great giveaway. You are such a generous and kind person!

  21. Hi Jen…great job on the challenge! I’m definately investing in the cubes, love the easy organization. I’m in the midst of packing for two in a carry on. Think I can do it? It will be tricky!

  22. Thank you so much for all you do! Your videos are fantastic! Your generosity is outstanding and the items you are giving away will certainly benefit the winner. Any recommendations for those of us who have to pack a curling or flat iron? Keep up the good work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  23. Ah such a beautiful giveaway. I never enter a giveaway of yours that has something I won’t use and I could defiantly use this. My five year wedding anniversary is coming up (eek) and and so excited to get away for a weekend with just me and my husband. We have three kids under five so things are tight. So excited for this give away. Thanks for being such a great giver and stay blessed 🙂

  24. WOW, what a wonderful give-away! Jen, you are so kind and generous. I love your packing videos, especially with Vera Bradley items. I love Vera Bradley, but I am also interested in the packing cubes. One cannot have too many organizing products, even if it is organizing a carry on bag!

  25. I really would love to win to pack just like u !!! I will be going to visit my grandma that is sick she lives in Dallas!!! Thank u for the great giveaway!!!

  26. Wow!! What a generous give away Jen! I had been drooling over your packing supplies during your whole video. That would be such a fun set to travel with…. I would feel like a princess :).

  27. Traveling is one of my favourite things and it’s such a joy to watch you and your organisational videos! You are such a positive, kind and beautiful person and your tips on travel, organising and life in general are very, very much appreciated. Your videos are such a lovely part of my day and I thank you for all the effort you put into them. This giveaway is just beyond amazing. That’s going to be one lucky winner! Thank you for all you do, Jen. You are truly remarkable.

  28. I love to travel and admittedly probably am an over-packer. I absolutely LOVE your videos. I find that I watch many of them repeatedly. I travel both internationally and domestically. You’ve motivated and inspired me to pack well in spite of how much I decide to pack. I am a retired teacher and have found there’s always something new to learn and enjoy. I enjoy you! Thank you.

  29. Love these videos Jen! I am going away to Belize in Feb. and am going to use you pointers for traveling organization. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  30. Wow!!! Such a generous giveaway!!! I”m running my first half marathon and the 10 K Glass slipper Challenge in Feb. at Disney!!!! The Princess Half!!!!! I am soooooooo excited! This would be perfect to pack for my Disney weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed! Love your vlogs Jen and really enjoy the organizational tips. I really like for everything to have it’s place!! Loved watching you conquer your dreams and complete the Princess and Tinkerbell Half this year. Good or you!!! You have a lovely family and do a great job at everything you set out to do. Thanks!

  31. This is the first giveaway I have ever entered anywhere, so here is to hoping!! I am fairly new to your videos and I absolutely love them. Great job!

  32. What a great giveaway.. you are always so thoughtful and generous! Thanks for all your great videos, I love them. 🙂

  33. Jennifer, thank you so much for this give away. I am so excited, I truly would like to win. Even though you are somewhat young you have so many great ideas that I really appreciate. Thank you again for your great blog and vlogs. I really enjoy it all thank you.

  34. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for hosting it Jen! I have a question for you, were you always a pretty organized person or was it at a certain point in life that you started having fun with it?

  35. Thanks Jen! You are very generous for the giveaway! Love this blog and your you tubes videos.. enjoy watching them and Winnie is so cute! 🙂

  36. I’d love to win – would be nice to have such a beautiful bag for short trips. Being a proud minimalist I think I would pack even for a week using it 🙂

  37. Just wanted to say thanks for this helpful video & blog post and for the awesome giveaway!
    So cool you’re making it available internationally! 🙂

  38. Well, I am impresed. Some people might think you carry perhaps too much stuff, but I think you could carry the whole world if you are able to pack it the way you do it, you deserve it! When I first saw all the things to pack I wondered: oh! how could? , but Jen, now I am a believer 🙂 LOL , thank you SO much, I have the feeling that I will be learning a lot from you. Take care and warmest regards from Europe

  39. This is a very generous giveaway, which goes to show how wonderful a person you really are! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this as I’d love these items, but I can’t get them her in the UK 🙁

    I’m an overpacker, I can’t help it! I recently went on a day trip, and I took a weekender bag with me… I used every single one of the items I packed, so you’re right, we need to pack what we feel we need, personally. (I could’ve done with something a little bit bigger, as I bought gifts home with me)

    I love your videos Jen, you’re a wonderful person with a true spirit, it’s a rare quality to find these days. Best wishes to you, Don (who is equally awesome) and Winnie xoxo

  40. Okay….I am an admitted over packer, and this was a lesson well learned! I’m going to challenge myself on my next flight! Thanks Jen, I love your Vlogs, and am loving vlogust! I’m already getting sad that it’s almost the end of the month! 🙁

  41. I’m curious what you thought of the Lush solid conditioner from the photo? I bought the same exact one for a recent vacation to the UK and found that it didn’t lather or moisturize my hair. It’s too bad because the solid shampoos are pretty good!

  42. Thank you Jen for being YOU and sharing your life, you truly are an inspiration to many people. LOVE all your videos can not wait for the next great tip. Big hugs!!!

  43. I don’t have any vera Bradley items at all !!
    I am also going to be flying for my first time
    In 2014!! The weekender and the packing systems
    Would be wonderful!!! I am disney bound in 2014
    First visit EVER!! And I am 35!!!

  44. I thought TSA didn’t allow razors on the planes? That was my understanding which is why I always check luggage or buy a disposable razor on my trips. Please correct me if I’m wrong I’d love to know. Love your videos Jen 🙂

      1. Oh my goodness for years I have misunderstood that and I have been spending money for no reason. Thank you so much for doing the challenge or else I may have continues to not pack them. Jen you rock!!!!

  45. So excited about this travel challenge…I travel quite a lot and jen’s tips and series are a lifesaver. Thank you. Saying that, I do hope I get lucky because I do need everything in there….Merci!

  46. Hi Jen,

    I have really enjoyed your packing series this Summer. There were lots of great, useful tips that I can’t wait to try out!

    I am looking forward to your next organisation project/series.



  47. I hope I win this, I’m going on a trip next month and i would love to have the Vera Bradley items. I don’t have any, I tend to overpack. That would be a great challenge for me to do. Keep up the good work on your videos and your websites I love them.

  48. When I say I would rather let someone else pack it’s not an under statement I have waited until the day of a morning flight to pack! Toddler in tow. I have gotten better and organizing has been a journey in my life and sometimes an every day struggle. You inspire me! I even mention you in the organizing section of my website
    I hope that’s ok….
    Anyways love all your channels and social media!!

  49. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the several chances to win!
    I HOPE HOPE HOPE Mr. Rafflecopter chooses my entry!
    I’m going to New Orleans on business and would LOVE to be able to travel withouth checking luggage – this will be my first short trip. They’re usually longer so this would be a great challenge, to win and see if I could pack using just these supplies…

  50. OMG Jen! You are so generous. I so enjoyed your packing videos. Since I just retired we are traveling and I so appreciate your wisdom and advice on packing. Love your videos and watch everyday. Enjoying Vlogust! Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing gift.

  51. You are so generous Jen. I’ve applied for the giveaway but I hope the person in most need of a ‘pick-me-up’ gets it. I’m completely addicted to your videos. You and I are SO similar. I adore owls, organisation, family, dogs, Disney, bed time stories and I too suffer from social anxiety, if you ever decide to travel to Ireland on your holidays, I hope I get to shake your hand and have a chat over a green latte! 😉 hugs and thank you so much for sharing xx

  52. Hi Jenn, what a nice giveaway!!!!! You are a very generous person and I absolutely love your youtube videos thanks for being so inspiring :):):)

  53. Hi Jen. You are a very calm organised packer. I always panic and throw in random items which never get used. Laying everything out looks like it helps. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway. You are so generous. Helen:)

  54. Hi Jen!

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity!!! I am a middle school history teacher and i will be taking my students on a trip to Washington DC in April. This giveaway would be PERFECT for packing for this trip! I’m keeping my fingers crossed to be one of the lucky two!!! Thank you for sharing your packing series this summer. We take several weekend trips throughout the year to visit my husband’s family and I have been looking for ideas to try and consolidate the things we bring! You had some great ideas and tips!

    I have been watching all of your videos for the past year and I have really enjoyed them! Your videos help motivate me to get my organizational groove on! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with your viewers! I love your positive energy! Vlogust has been great! I’m sad the month is almost up.

    All the best to you, Don, and Winnie too!!!

  55. Wow! Traveling to Disney w/4 children to visit number 5 child,- 7 grandchildren – 6 under 4 – so excited. This would be great to win as my carry-on – wouldn’t I look special. Thanks Jen!

  56. I just found your awesome blog and YouTube channels a few weeks ago and can’t stop watching them. I have always been one to be organized since I have two boys and then my two niece came to live with us 13 years ago and the four kids are stair stepped. So when my house became chaos in September of 2000, the kids were in 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade. We went from a family of four to a family of seven overnight. Just total chaos, so I needed to be organized even more!! What I’ve found on your sites has given me even more inspiration. We are now empty nesters with the kids ages 19-22 and in four different colleges in 3 different states.

    My husband and I are headed to Disney in exactly two weeks from today to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and I truly have appreciated your travel packing videos. I invested in the 17″ VB rolling tote as my carry on and even went and got some of the packing cubes since I am an admitted over packer 🙂 Let’s hope that helps! Keep up the wonderful blog and videos!!

  57. Such an amazing giveaway Jen! It’s very thoughtful of you to helps those of us who pack everything but the kitchen sink lol. To give away such good quality travel items is amazing. Your series has given me so much inspiration and great ideas for my family trip to Disney World (Florida) next year. Thanks so much Jen, your truly an amazing and a very down to earth person as well.
    Keep those video’s, tips and tricks coming!!

    All the best to you, Don and Winnie
    from your BIGGEST FAN here in Australia xo

  58. What a wonderful thing, that you would do this for people. I am Disney bound in October, and this will be my first flight since 9-11. My daughters first flight ever!! This would be a great thing to win this , as I am a pack everything kind of gal, but I admit I do not know how to pack for flights anymore, as we have been taking road trips for years. I finally got brave and booked flights, with your inspiration! Thank you for ALL the packing tips Jen, a huge help! =) Take care!

  59. Hi Jen,

    I love your videos. And I love all your packing trips. I’m not a very organized packer when it comes to trips and I must say that I was impressed that you got all of the items you wanted to pack, tucked away nice and neatly. I especially love how you use little bags for stuff. Very inspirational. Have a great time in Utah! Carol E.

  60. Hi Jenn,

    Your organizational videos and all your other channels are so encouraging!! I LOVE all the tips!! My husband and I are traveling allot with his work. We use ziplock bags instead of packing cubes. We found that when going abroad…they are see through and if all is inspected…well here’s hoping to keep inspectors out of your makeup and undergarment bag!! 😉

    Your giveaway is extremely generous!! I LOVE all the items in your drawing!! I have entered and thank you for such a kind giveaway!! I would love to graduate to the adult packing cubes and let go of the ziplock bags!! 😉

    Keep challenging us with all your organizational items. I attack my office on Friday!! I am enlisting one of my adult children to help and hoping to make a major dent…if not finish all!! So keep all the ideas coming!! LOVE IT!!

    Also, hugs to cutie pie Winnie and a big hello to Don and his family!! I am loving Vlogust!! Excellent!!
    Have a great rest of your trip!! 🙂

  61. You are very generous with your giveaways Jen. Definitely has been helpful catching up on your videos. Pack-it cubes are on my to get list I only got 1 set for my son a while ago but I love how they work so I need a set for me and my hubby. I will also be getting one of those bears I never even knew they sold those things I always get lint left on my clothes from the airplane blankets SO ANNOYING!! I didn’t get a chance to go to The container store in May they just opened one in Orlando maybe that’s a good thing I may have spent all my wedding money in there I LOVE organizing and packing for travel I know when I go I will be in heaven. Keep the vids and bloggy posts coming, walking pharmacy, charger bag and wet bag tips sooooo helpful!!

  62. I’m new to all your videos and do have to say that they all are so helpful. Specially this one about carry on. It will really help in my near future travel to Disney World. Once again thank you.

  63. Hi Jen,
    You are extremely generous Jen 🙂 Bless.
    I must say I tried out your way of packing a few weeks ago when we had to go out station for a wedding. My 2 year old was a page boy on that day and I had extra stuff to make sure all goes out well.
    I usually forget something or the other every time i pack to go on a trip. (how ever much I write lists) Having a case for everything helped me so very much. I felt so organised and didn’t forget a single thing! Thanks very much for all what you do xxxxx

  64. It always amazes me how you can fit all the things you bring to your trip. I really hope I can pack a luggage or a bag like you 🙂 I hope 🙂 thank you for your generosity 🙂

  65. Hi. I’m curious if you have used the Vera Bradley 3-1-1 bag yet? I’m concerned that it doesn’t meet TSA guidelines. I found your site because I was searching for someone who has used it! 🙂 Thanks for all the other great tips. I too use the packing cubes. I’d also like suggest that for folks that travel on longer trips but still want to carry on-board, check out the Lipault carry-ons. Super light!

  66. Thank you so much for sharing Jen I loved the bag so much I had yo buy it 😉 I love to watch you travel videos they are very helpful.

  67. I “just” discovered your blog and YouTube channel!! I am so enjoying it! Have already purchased the Eagle Creek Specter sac for my daughter and me (to hold our pashminas), Eagle Creek quarter cube for our electronic chargers (opted for the specter series and also decided to add a travel outlet to the bags), and am eagerly awaiting the use of a 20% coupon at Vera Bradley to get some of the 3-1-1 cases!! Keep up the good work!

  68. dear jen,
    i being watching your blogs from 2010 omg i can’t get enough of it i have 0 organization kill really you tough me a lot please keep posting more of it you are truly gifted xoxox kathy from orlando florida

  69. Jen,
    Was the weekender too heavy on your shoulder to carry? We are going to Okinawa later in December to see our kids, and I thought of checking my big bag, using the weekender for 3 day’s worth of clothes and toiletries for a 3 day stop in Oakland, and using a large backpack for under the seat. I also thought I could use the Target bag you use for planners for things to do in my seat: iPad, snacks, lip balm, puzzle book, etc…I have a folding thing with wheels that fits in weekender outside pocket in case I am in airport and it is too heavy. When we have all our luggage, I would have the big suitcase, slip the weekender on top and have a back pack w/ my tiny purse inside. Does that sound like a work able plan? We will be gone 3 weeks, staying in OAK 3 days on each end.

    1. It sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this…really, how it works it depends on what you’re comfortable with. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

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