Hello, friends!  My name is Jen, or OrganizedJen as I am known on the world wide web.  I am a self-described Busy Bee and lover of all things contained and labeled.  I live in a Chicagoland suburb with my husband, Don, and our Shih Tzu cutie-pie, Winnie.

Organization has always been a creative outlet of sorts for me.  I treasure my to-do lists, own a disturbing number (and variety, of course) of sticky notes, and am a constant fixture at the Container Store.  I’m also a girly girl at heart, with a newfound love of makeup and beauty products, as well as a slight obsession with nail polish.  I love baking sweet treats to share with loved ones and hosting family get togethers and celebrations.  At the end of a Busy Bee day I like to relax in the tub with a good book and a cup of tea.

I started my first YouTube channel, OrganizedLikeJen in the summer of 2010, and my have things changed since then!   I have added two other channels, MyHouseWifeLife and TheBusyBeeBuzz, which are both featured on this blog. I also post daily on Winnie’s tumblr blog with occasional videos on a YouTube channel dedicated just to her, WinnieTheTzuTube.  I am in the works of launching yet another tumblr blog called Positively Polished (coming soon!), which will be dedicated to my great love for nail polish.

What started out as an occasional hobby has now blossomed into a full-time career as an Original Content Creator.  Pretty fancy buzzwords, right?  It took me a long time to figure out how to label what I do between posting videos on YouTube and being a constant presence on other social media platforms.  Add blogger to that list!  I’m sure it will continue to grow as this journey unfolds.

Maybe now you can see that I am truly a Busy Bee at heart!  I very much enjoy sharing my interests and bits of my life with you on YouTube and now through this blog as well.  I post pretty consistently on Twitter and Facebook, with occasional stops to Pinterest, so feel free to follow me on those platforms if you’re interested (links to the right).  The best place to catch me for a quick reply is on Twitter.  I love reading all of your tweets, facebook posts, YouTube comments, messages, emails, & snail mail.  Sharing is caring!

Thanks for visiting my blog and getting to know me a bit better.  Just as I like to close my YouTube videos, I’d like to say thanks for watching…err…reading!  Take care :)