Plum Paper Planner vs Erin Condren Life Planner: Planner Comparison & Review

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile now, you know that I am pretty obsessed with all things Erin Condren Design, most especially the Life Planner.  I’m on my second Life Planner now, which I use for scheduling all of my posts and videos and for planning my web content.  I’ve received requests to compare the Life Planner to a planner by Plum Paper Design since they are both similar in size, basic style, and calendar layout.


The Plum Paper Planner and Erin Condren Life Planner look quite similar at first glance.  They’re both roughly the same size, with a reinforced cover on front and back as well as a spiral coil binding.  Both planners include month on two page spreads and week on two page calendars with laminated monthly tabs along the righthand edge.  You can also order additional months from 2014 for each planner.  The calendar layout is similar, aalthough there are quite a few organizational and stylistic differences which I will explore more thoroughly in this post.

Plum Paper Planner


The Plum Paper Planner is designed by a stationery company based in San Diego, California.  In addition to planners, Plum Paper also has a wedding collection sold in stores.  They sell not only regular calendar planners like the one I am sharing today, but also ones designed for Teachers, Students, and Families, as well as Fitness, Wedding, and Meal planners.  They also carry a line of spiral notebooks.  All of these items can be personalized and come in a nice range of designs.  The regular planner is offered in 48 different cover options.  This 12-month planner is sold through Etsy and retails for $31 plus a $10 shipping fee in the US.  It is available for shipping to the US and Canada only.


My Plum Paper Planner shipped out about four weeks after ordering, as indicated in the listing, and arrived within a week of shipping.  It came in a plastic overwrap and was packaged in a padded mailer.  The planner measures 7.5″ wide x 9″ long x .75″ thick with a 1″ coil.  It weighs approximately one pound three ounces.  The translucent frosted plastic cover on both the front and back protects the printed card stock with the cover design.  The planner is bound spiral style with a thick metal coil.  Each planner can be customized with a personalized name on the cover.

Please note – Plum Paper has updated the policies page on their Etsy shop since this post went up with clearer information about their offerings.  They also offer customization on each planner including color changes, font changes (substitute any font that they offer on their other planner designs), adding a second line of text, removing the year, and adding a photo or monogram.

I couldn’t find any information on what weight paper they use, but it feels fairly heavy with little to no bleed through and has a bit of a slip to it.  The interior pages begin with a cover sheet and a 2015 at-a-glance calendar spread on two pages.  The bulk of the calendar follows with card stock dividers for each month and laminated tabs flanking the righthand side in subdued pastels that match the design color scheme nicely.  Each monthly section is flanked by a lined note page.  At the end of the calendar there is a two page spread for special dates broken down by month, a contacts sheet, major US holidays for 2014, 2015, and 2016, as well as a 2016 at-a-glance calendar on one page.  There is a card stock double-sided horizontal pocket page at the very back of the planner.  The planner is printed and bound in the US.


The bulk of the planner is dedicated to twelve months of dated pages.  As I mentioned before, each month is divided by white card stock with a colorful laminated tab.  The tabs are not printed on both sides (the back side is left white).  Each month begins with the two page monthly spread calendar with some colorful details that match the coordinating tab. The monthly spread is well designed to maximize space, with clear boxes and ample room to write.  Major US holidays are printed in grey without interfering with the design.  The left margin includes lined sections for listing birthdays and special events, as well as a blank area for notes.


The week on two page spreads are designed vertically and each day of the week is allocated a column.  There are four different weekly spread options you can choose from when ordering, including days broken down by “Morning, Afternoon, and Evening,” days broken down in 30 minute increments, days broken down with just lines in each column, and lined note pages instead of weekly spread pages.  I chose the days with blank lines version.  All three dated weekly spread options are organized vertically and include a column on the lefthand side with a small at-a-glance calendar for that month, a bullet point lined weekly checklist, and a blank section for notes.  There are a few discreet color details, but otherwise the design is very simple and streamlined.  The bottom of each day’s column includes a three point checklist.

Add-ons for an additional cost include monthly bill trackers, sticker sheets, note pages, cleaning charts, checklists, extra contacts sheets, a photo design on the cover, and a design proof.

Erin Condren Life Planner


The Life Planner is a product by Erin Condren, a stationery and accessories designer who turned a hobby into a burgeoning business.  The amount her company has grown over the last few years is amazing!  Erin Condren Designs creates not only their gorgeous planner line, which includes the Life Planner, a Teacher Lesson Planner, Wedding Planner, and Address Book, but also other gorgeous stationery items such as customized spiral notebooks, stationery, invitations, and address labels.  They also offer a gorgeous acrylic accessories line, travel items, office supplies, and more.  The Life Planner is available for purchase through their website with 75 different cover designs to chose from and customizable options including personalization and color schemes.  The 12-month planner costs $50 ($65 for the platinum and $75 for the gold foil editions) with basic personalization plus $7.95+ shipping within the US.  The planner is available internationally, but shipping prices do go up and customers are responsible for any customs or taxes on their end.


My Erin Condren Life Planner shipped about two weeks after ordering, as indicated on the product page, and arrived within a week (I opted for the $9.95 Fedex Ground shipping, which I highly suggest for just $2 more than the lowest rate since it is so much faster).  It came packaged in bubble wrap and tissue in a decorated cardboard box.


The 12-month planner measures 7.25″ wide x 9.25″ long x .75″ wide with a 1.15″ coil and weighs just under one pound two ounces.  This is where the similarities in design to the Plum Paper Planner end for the most part.  The Erin Condren Life Planner includes a cover made with a vibrantly printed cardstock and heavy duty 10 mm lamination for durability, which also makes it easy to wipe clean.  The covers in the 2015 range are now interchangeable and they offer many designs for sale so you can switch the look of your planner up at any time and use the covers from year to year.  The aluminmum coil is the sturdiest of all the spiral bound planners I have reviewed thus far and unlike any I have seen on other notebooks.  Each Life Planner comes with a snap-in ruler to mark the current week.

The planner pages are printed on 70 pound paper that works well with both ball point and felt tip pens with no bleed through.  The interior is vibrant with color and the Erin Condren design motifs are everywhere.  This is definitely more of a playful design than the Plum Paper version.  After the cover page there are a few design pages, a 2014-15 at-a-glance calendar spread on two pages, and then the calendar.  At the end there is a section of both lined and unlined note paper with its own designated tab.  A 2016-17 at-a-glance calendar on two pages follows the note section.  There are four sticker sheets included, two of which are printed and two left blank.  The double-sided “Keep It Together” folder is made from a satin printed card stock with a deep pocket.  There is a vinly zip pouch at the very back of the planner which comes stocked with twelve personalized gift labels, a few “let’s get together” cards, and a couple of spiral paper clips.  The Life Planner is printed and bound in the US.


The 2015 Life Planner also comes stocked with a removable perpetual calendar booklet for special dates and important contacts, which makes it easy to use year after year without having to write everything over again.


Just like the Plum Paper Planner, the majority of the Life Planner is dedicated to dated calendar pages.  The Life Planner, however, does not include monthly dividers. The colorful monthly tabs are laminated and popped right onto the monthly spread calendar pages.  The tabs are double-sided.  As you can see, the Life Planner calendar designs include a lot more color and pizazz, although I feel that they do not sacrifice much calendar space.  The month on two page spreads include a colorful bold header with the month and a motivational phrase..  There is a lined section on the righthand margin for notes.  Major US holidays are notated in small print with a very subtle design flourish.  The calendar itself is clear and easy to navigate with ample room to write.  The week on two page spreads immediately follow the monthly calendar and use vertical organization just like the Plum Paper Planner.  There is no choice in the weekly layout with the Life Planner, however.  Each day is allocated a column which spans the length of the page and is divvied up into Morning, Day, and Night blank sections with a smaller lined section below.  Each month follows a two-tone color scheme.  The lefthand margin includes a small at-a-glance calendar for that month with a lined section for Weekly Goals & Notes.  There is a bubble like design separating this from the daily calendar columns.


There are a variety of accessories available for purchase for the Life Planner, including the option to add a photo to the front and/or back of your planner, a design proof, the aforementioned interchangeable covers, extra snap-in rulers, elastic bands (the foil editions come with one), a pen holder, and the new coil clips, which allow you to pop extra items such as invitations and announcements right into the coil and move them around your planner as you see fit.

You can receive $10 off your first purchase when you sign up for the Erin Condren newsletter (which means you receive the occasional email on current promotions and new products from them) by clicking here.  

A Note About the Coil Binding


OJ}_OLJ_10-26-2014_03I was very disappointed when my Plum Paper Planner arrived with a damaged coil.  The bottom two rungs are bent so out of shape that it affects how easy it is to turn the pages.  The planner does not lay perfectly flat because of this.  I believe this damage occurred in transit and could have been prevented with better packaging.  That being said, while the Plum Paper Planner coil is certainly stronger than those of the Simplified Planner and Day Designer which I reviewed last week, it does not compare to the strength of the Life Planner coil.  Its durability is quite impressive and, like I said, I have yet to see its equal in any other spiral bound planner or notebook.

OJ_OLJ_10-26-2014_10Please note – I have spoken with Plum Paper since the original posting about the damage and they sent a replacement.  They have also informed me that all planners will henceforth be mailed out in boxes, which should help prevent damage in transit.  My replacement planner came packaged in bubble wrap in a box with a paid USPS envelope to send the original planner back to the company.

Check out my coordinating video if you’d like a closer look and to hear my thoughts on each planner:

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While the two planners share some basic similarities in size and layout, there is quite a disparity in price.  I believe you get what you pay for in opting for the more expensive Life Planner, as it feels sturdier and comes with more design features and extras built right in than the Plum Paper Planner.  Plum Paper does offer a great variety of add-on pages for an additional price and more customizability within the calendar itself.  The choice comes down to personal taste and price.  Both are, in my opinion, lovely customizable options with great features that really highlight the calendar with room for planning.  Big thanks to both companies for their generosity and amazing designs!
Check back next week for another planner comparison style review!


* Post contains referral links.  The 2015 ECLP was sent to me for consideration.  I purchased the 2014 ECLP and Plum Paper Planner with my own money.  I am using my Erin Condren referral credits to provide the Erin Condren giveaway prizes.  Plum Paper is generously providing the Plum Paper planners as prizes.  This is not a sponsored post or video.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


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    I love the look of the plum designs but I’m bummed that the coil is not good. (That’s expressly what I was trying to figure out so thanks for the pic!)

    1. All you have to do is request the larger coil. PPP has two sizes of coil. Jen got the smaller coil for the 12 month planner, but if you get additional pages or an 18 month planner you get the larger coil which is exactly the same as the EC coil, same size, same durability, same thickness! Just request it in the description box when you order, i love my larger coil! AND the EC bookmark fits beautifully!

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    I Love them both for different uses! I think my preference is for ECP for daily personal life, but I think PP is a better set up for my business.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  42. Jen, Thanks so much for the review! I can’t stop watching it. I have an ECLP, but I want to order the hourly PPP and experience the difference. The giveaway has closed. How long does it take before you post the winners? Keep doing what you’re doing! Love it. 🙂

  43. I enjoyed your reviews so much (both versions). I was so excited to receive my EC Planner yesterday. I never knew EC existed until I started following you and after much agonizing I chose to go with Erin Condron over Kikki-k and never knew I could be this excited about a planner! (maybe Kikki next year or a small size just for meals or knitting projects)
    My only disappointment is that the elastic band was not included (I chose the platinum). Although I emailed them yesterday I have not heard back and I don’t see a phone number on their website.
    Can you give me some guidance in this matter? They included a $10 coupon in my order and I want to use it immediately towards several items but want to wait to have this matter cleared up thinking maybe they can send the band with my new order.
    I know this is kind of a small thing…..but still…..! One of the reasons I went with the platinum is that it did include the band and I didn’t have to purchase separately.

    On another note, your holiday cards came out great! I love the job they did front and the back is gorgeous!
    Thanks Jen, You’re the best!

    1. Shortly after I posted this comment I received an email from Erin Condron customer service and was offered a $10 voucher or they will send me the elastic band. I am very pleased 🙂

  44. Hello. I was wondering if you can help me in this situation. I just got my ECLP a few days ago and have already started decorating pages. Earlier today, I also order an InkWell Press Planner in classic style. I want to keep both, but because my life only consists of college, I really don’t have a use for both planners. I see a lot of bloggers with more than one planner. How can you suggest that I can keep both planners and actually use both at the same time? I really do want to have both.

    1. Hey Melissa why don’t you sell your Erin Condren on eBay? Or there are erin condren groups on Facebook they have a market place where they sell stuff to each other for cheap because using an expensive planner as a journal just wouldn’t work for me
      Let me know what you decide on doing

  45. Thanks for the review! I’m a planner addict & have yet to find one that meets all of my needs… I did purchase an EC 2 years ago, & loved the quality, design, & colors, but absolutely hate the weekly “columns”. In my job I need space to daily write out expenses, notes, etc… When the 2014 EC came out I was hoping they would offer a weekly layout as an option but they did not. I have sent emails & completed EC surveys asking for this modification, so once again waiting to see happens with the 2015 Lifeplanner. If anyone knows of a comparable planner to EC, but with the daily notes & monthly pages please let me know! I have also tried the Levenger circa smart planner & Daytimer – liked the layouts, but would love it with the colors & design of EC…

  46. LOVE your blog! And that was a very informative review of the EC vs. Plum. I looked at your blog several times when I was debating on which brand to go with. I chose EC, and am now completely addicted! Thanks for the help 🙂

  47. Oh my goodness I just received my very first Erin Condren life planner and I’m so excited! Im so bummed I missed your giveaway! What an amazing informative critique. I’m so jealous of all those girls that got $100 to Erin Condren. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford anything from her seeing as though I won the one I just got. Either way I thought your video and article were amazing! Best of luck Jenn! Xo

  48. I have been doing some research after being referred to Erin’s website. Is everyone aware that the same products are sold elsewhere and are less expensive (and according to dates, others had them first)? In particular, the phone cases are by a company called JiCase (J.I Case). Erins website neglects to tell you that they use a product for another company and simply screenprint your name (or whatever you want) on it – JiCase name is actually on the inside of the case!!!!. Save yourself some money people, do some research and you will find the same products for much less!

  49. Hi! I’ve been trying to decide which life planner I want, and I’m leaning more towards the Plum Paper Planner because of the Student option and the option to pick when my planner starts! A big thing for me is the Erin Condren interchangeable covers….. Do you know if the Erin Condren covers will fit on the Plum?

  50. Hi Jen! Thanks for the review. I’ve been a faithful Plum Paper fan for the past year, but have recently been introduced to Erin Condren, so your side by side comparison really was wonderful. I ended up ordering another Plum Paper planner, as Erin Condren does not seem to have a family planner in its offerings. I even wrote to ask about it, because I know their new offerings are due out in less than a week. However, based on the response, I don’t expect to see a family planner this year. That said, I was wondering if you know if the interchangeable Erin Condren covers will fit on a Plum Paper? My new planner will be here before July begins, so I ordered it to cover 18 months, which I believe results in the use of a sturdier coil. At any rate, I was thinking about ordering an EC cover, and the meal planning bookmark, and was wondering if you know if those items will fit the PP coil.

    Jo Anne

    1. I have been told by others that they do, but I haven’t tried myself. I bet if you google it you’d find a definitive answer. There’s a huge EC community out there!

  51. I have switched from EC to Plum Paper and am pleased. For 15-16, EC cut the number of blank pages in the back in half and that is not enough for me! (I was annoyed that this info is NOT on their website, by the way—I discovered it when my new EC planner arrived.) Plum Paper allows you to add additional plain lined pages in the Notes section. Perfect!

  52. Hi there! I noticed Nicole D. as a winner for the ECLP. Curious if that was me! I can furnish my email, etc for proof if need be! Thanks!!!

    1. I haven’t tried this myself, so I’m not 100% sure, but I *think* it’s possible. I recommend googling it. I’m sure someone out there has tried it!

  53. If you have an Erin Condren planner already are the accessories interchangeable with the plum paper? Could you use covers, Clips, Etc? Is the coil the same?

    1. I’m not exactly sure and I unfortunately cannot check as I do not have the Plum Paper Planner anymore, but from what I’ve heard through the planner community you can use the EC items with Plum Paper planners. I recommend googling it to be sure, though.

  54. Hello, great job, beautiful video and planner! I want to order one but they don’t ship to Greece! Can we get in touch with them and see if they can do anything about it? They do ship to Italy so I don’t see how the distance would be a problem…
    (I tried senting them emails but I didn’t get a response, so if you, as a more influential person, could reach them, I would be so greatful…)

    1. I’m sorry, as I do not work for the company I cannot directly assist you. I recommend contacting their customer service.

  55. Is the spacing on the coils of the Plum Planner and EC the same? Could I use EC dashboards in a Plum Planner?

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