2014 Kikki. K Time Planner Lineup

I’ve really enjoyed following fellow Planner Enthusiasts (or #PlannerAddicts as they call themselves) on Instagram for the past month or so (I shared a few of my favorite in this WIR post if you’re interested).  There is so much space for creativity when it comes to planners and I absolutely love seeing what other’s like to do with their own.  The planner community I follow not only inspires me, but also introduces me to fun brands and products I’d never heard of before.  After seeing a certain mint beauty time and time again I decided to investigate the brand kikki. K, stumbled across their lovely website, and very quickly fell down the cute planner supply rabbit hole!  I thought it was fitting to share a Show & Tell showcasing the kikki K. Time Planners as well as some of the accessories I picked up during my shopping spree in Wonderland since we’ve been talking planners this month.  Prepare yourself for the cuteness of it all…


kikki. K is an Australian-based home and office accessories supply brand that offers an array of products in their signature simple yet whimsical design themes.  In founder Kristina Karlsson’s words, “At kikki.K we embrace the Swedish design principles of form and function to bring you seasonal collections of delicious stationery, gorgeous gifts and organisation solutions.”  Shops can be found in Australia as well as New Zealand and Singapore.  They offer most of their products on their website as well, which I found easy to navigate.  There is a flat rate shipping of $19.95 on all international orders and they offer free worldwide shipping on orders totaling over $150.  It didn’t take much persuasion for me to add enough cuteness to my shopping cart to reach the free shipping threshold!


The main draw for me to the kikki. K website initially was to learn more about their Time Planners that I had been ogling on Instagram.  When I made my purchase (about three weeks ago now) they still had the 2014 Time Planners in stock and I quickly snatched up one in each of the three sizes so I could have them in hand to review.  I love that the planners are comparable to the most popular Filofax sizes and are compatible with other inserts thanks to the binder design.  The beautiful mint-colored leather with dainty gold polka dots is smooth and has a slight sheen, although the grain is noticeable.  There is an elastic band closure, an elastic pen loop, an included notepad that slips into the back inside cover, and built-in slip pockets on the front inside cover on all three sizes (the large size also has a zip pocket here).  Each Time Planner comes stocked with a 2014 Monthly and Weekly view calendar as well as dividers.  The small planner includes an address section.  Both the medium and large planners also include sections for Birthdays & Anniversaries, Shops & Restaurants, To Do, and Expenses.  The rings line up nicely in all three planners and seem well-made.  I managed to grab these beauties during their new year sale and saved 30% on each of them.  Even without the discount they are competitively priced, with the largest planner costing about $80 at full price, the medium $65, and the small $40.  These planners are different from any others I’ve seen on the market and I think that’s what I like most about them and the kikki. K brand in general.  Sadly, you can no longer purchase the 2014 selections online anymore, but I was able to communicate with kikki. K’s customer service who informed me that the 2015 range will be out in August or September.  They release an entirely new design every year and I look forward to seeing what next year’s will be!  Additionally, I was told that kikki. K is releasing a new line of Personal Planners in grey and berry colors which will be available online at the end of March.  They are slightly larger than A5 in size but fit A5 inserts.


I also purchased a few journals that were on sale.  As many of you know, I am not only a Planner Enthusiast, but a Journal Enthusiast as well and have kept journals since I was about eight years old.  Journals are often a good test for me on how I feel about a brand in general since I have used and loved them since I was just a kid.  I picked out the Leather A5 Notebook in Fuchsia (no longer available, but the same one in that beautiful mint color is!).  I love how the leather cover is refillable and that you can buy the journal inserts separately.  The leather cover follows a similar design to the Time Planner with the dainty gold polka dots gracing the spine, which compliments the gold snap hardware of the enclosure nicely.  I also bought the A5 Feature Notebook in Dreaming (still available!).  The pages include whimsical designs in beautiful colors!


As a lover of cute office supplies, I couldn’t resist adding a few of these sweet goodies to my shopping cart.  The Sweet Pencil Case with the polka dots in my favorite spring colors with the little cat?  Absolutely precious!  It is a very dainty, slim size, which is great for those who like to only keep a few supplies with them on the go.  I like how the exterior fabric has a coating to give it more durability.  The  Bulldog Clips with the animal designs add a sweet touch to planner pages or other papers you’d like to keep together.  I absolutely love the bright stripe design of the iPhone case and ballpoint pen from the Celebrate Today collection.  Altogether my little extra goodies haul makes for a cute and colorful stash!

Check out my coordinating video if you’d like a closer look and to hear my thoughts on each product I purchased:

My First Impressions of the kikki. K items I purchased is that they are fun, functional, competitively priced, and well made.  I look forward to using my new goodies and seeing what fun, whismical designs kikki. K releases next!  I wanted to share a little of the kikki. K love with you, too!  The kikki. K 2014 Time Planner Giveaway will run until Friday, March 7, 2014 at 6 PM CT.  The giveaway is open internationally.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  Each winner will receive one of the two prize sets pictured below (you can choose which Time Planner size you prefer in the event that you win, medium or large, when you enter the giveaway):


You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (check out this blog post for more information on entering Rafflecopter giveaways).   I’ll announce the  winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email, as always.  Good luck!


Congrats to Katherine F. & Olga on being selected as the winners of the  kikki. K 2014 Time Planner Giveaway!

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Sometimes Rafflecopter experiences technical difficulties.  If you can’t enter for some reason, try again later and it will probably work.

I hope you enjoyed my Show & Tell of the kikki. K 2014 Time Planners and accessories.  I would love to know what brands of planner supplies and stationary lines you love if you care to share!


* This is not a sponsored post. All products shown, including giveaway prizes, were purchased by me. All opinions are genuinely my own. *


115 thoughts on “2014 Kikki. K Time Planner Lineup”

      1. Have you seen their latest ones? They are berry and grey, I can’t wait… However these ones are a snap close rather than a elastic close

  1. I am new to you blog, your YouTube channel, and Erin Condren life planners. I had no idea there were so many options out there. Loved this video…I was curious about this line since they were an international brand.

  2. This brand’s minty color is so fresh and clean looking! All the accessories are adorable Can’t wait to see the new colors in the late summer. I’ve been using my Avery planner I got from Target a year ago, but these planners look amazing! I just went to the Kikki.K web site and their stuff is REALLY nice. Thanks for sharing! You show us so many things that I had no idea even existed! 🙂 xxoo

  3. I must admit I was bummed the first time you showed you Kikki planner, because they were so lovely and classy but no longer available 🙁 But then you said they were releasing a new line at the end of March… well my heart started racing! Then you said we had an oppertunity to win one… Be Still my Heart! lol But really Jen you are soooo generous! No wonder you have so many blessings, your hand is always opened to give to others. My the blessings continue!

  4. I recently heard of Kikki K. also and I literally just missed out on this planner and was so bummed out. I did manage to buy the same fuchsia notebook which I LOVE and I bought the mint travel zip wallet. I’m hoping their 2015 planners will be just as awesome! Love your haul 😀

  5. This looks so amazing! I have used planners since high school and now that I’m in my 30’s with 2 kids it’s the “cool thing to do!” LOL. Thank You so much for your wonderful giveaways!

  6. Fantastic giveaway! I have never used a kikki k planner!!! 🙂 Thanks for your generosity and sharing all about it! Your posts and blogs are enjoyable!

  7. YAY!!!!! I am so excited you bought these, lol! I have been enjoying all of this planner goodness as well! I have *always* been a lover of planners and binders, but I had no idea there was a whole like minded community – what a treat these posts have been for me! I am surprised also that all of these planners sell out the way they do! I am looking for something in purple, but I may have to wait for the new Filofax and Kikki K lines!

    PS: I started knitting last night, from your inspiration! I haven always meant to learn!

    Thanks Jen!

  8. Oh Goody, I love this. I purchased my first kikkk.K item, based on a comment here, recently and it shipped crazy fast (I am on the West Coast). It’s an A5 Compendium in mint. Just precious. They were out of other items. Thanx for the tip about yearly designs. I thought I could just get a mint planner for next year.. Based on your review I went with the Erin Condren planner, which should arrive soon.Also, thanx for the Orly Kiely review. OMG, sooooooooo cute. I found a Target that carries them. And I had to touch and unzip each one. Chose beauty organizers in both collections. Love the graphite and the quality. Surprised because I don’t like grey it feels so good in the hand.

  9. Hi Jen, they are so cute. Thanks for sharing this with us. I went to the web site of Kiki.k and they have a lot of cute things.

  10. I was so excited to see that you found kikki.K! I live in Australia and whenever I got past a kikki.K store it’s kind of hard to resist ducking in to see what’s in stock – it’s such a gorgeous brand! Those Time Planners are so beautiful! I have one of their leather (medium) notebooks and a 2014 diary – which is very popular here!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  11. Thank you so much for this review. I live in Australia with my family including my disabled son. My mother-in-law gave me kikki k family Callander that goes on the wall and has space for every member of the family to keep track of appointments ( also our dog Polly has a column. I knew that they had planner but have never seen one as we live in a little country town and I cannot afford these although I love them. I’m going to try to make a homemade version from your review. Thank you.

  12. Another great give away. Thank you for your generosity. I need a new planner, but nothing pulled me this year.
    So glad to hear about this company, Kikki K.

  13. Thanks for sharing! On the A5 sized planner, how big are the rings? I’ve been stalking Filofax for cute planners with at least 1″ rings and not much there! And, didn’t see the ring sizes on the kikki.k website.

    1. While I’m not entirely certain on how to measure the rings, form my estimate they are between 1.125 and 1.25″ in diameter on the A5

  14. These planners are just adorable! I have been following you for a while now and you have inspired me to get my life in order! I’m a college student and I definitely needed a push to get organized. Thanks for being such a great inspiration. (:


  15. I saw these on Instagram after you recommended a few people and had to have one! They are the prettiest planners I think I have ever seen and are totally my style. Imagine my sadness when I looked up the brand and couldn’t find them! I’m hoping the 2015 planners will be just as pretty because these were gorgeous! You are so kind giving two away. They will make the winners very happy I’m sure.


  16. Oh, I love that large planner!! It is so beautiful. That was so sweet of you to get an extra one to give away. How do you find out about these things?? Well, it’s very pretty.

  17. First, love…love…love your channels, Jen. I started following Organized by Jen a while ago and now check in on all your channels on a regular basis. You do great work! Second, I love this planner color. I have always been a brown or black kind of gal with this stuff, but decided I need color in my life! I just bought a beautiful new blue iPad case (replacing a black one) and a new blue Martha Stewart disc bound notebook for journaling. I have never been a “blue” gal before, but am loving it! So when I saw this video tonight I just flipped. 🙂 Sad they are no longer available. Ah, well. Keep up the great work.

  18. I have really been enjoying all your videos and blogs. All the planner information has been so fun as I am obsessed with them. Keep up all the great work, I look forward to more in the future!

  19. I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, so I hope I’m not annoying. I love your delightful videos, but my favorite part is the jazz at the end. Who are you playing. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Thanks so much.

  20. I am currently using and loving my EC Life Planner. I have used paper planners for the past 15 years–sadly I only kept the last 13. I love my planner and it goes everywhere with me. It even gets carried downstairs at night to lay on my nightstand–just in case. Thanks for sharing the new brand. They are beautiful.

  21. Went to TArget to look for those dollar sweet flags and post it’s but found nothing. Money being tight I May have to get creative to start a planner.. I love the Kikki K that you shared so I decided to try at the give away. Thanks for the chance. Wish I had the one when I was in high school it was pink and button closed with my name on it…. I’m inspired I’ll think of something bc you inspire me! Thanks again. My boxer pups say helo to WInnie, YOu and DOn!keep sharing…. adore you!

  22. I am impressed with your video on the planners. I know you say A5. what size is that in inches? 8-11 or larger or smaller? I chose the medium one if I won, I don’t even know what size that one is but looks like it would be quite handy to use for my planning. Love your videos and all the other details and finds. Thanks for keeping us informed. Hugs

  23. Thanks for doing a show and tell on this brand. I follow planner addicts on Instagram and am in a few Facebook groups and I’d heard these planners being mentioned. They are beautiful and I love the journals and other bits you bought…so cute! The mint colour is stunning too. Looking forward to seeing an update on how you get on with these planners! Thanks for the chance to win one too…you are so generous Jen! Hope ur well and happier this week 🙂 xx

  24. Oh, I so hope I get lucky in this giveaway! I have wanted a mint Kikki K since I first saw them, but haven’t had the budget for it. Thank you for the opportunity to get one!

  25. Love the Kikki planner (the color is so pretty), thanks for introducing it to us. I recently got a planner too, not Kikki. It is from the Mead (gray color – it has a monthly view with a daily schedule and time indicators). I have been enjoying organizing my days too. Btw, in January, I went to Michaels and bought some yarn with some friends. I, too, re-started knitting but only simple scarves again.

  26. I would love to win the A5 size! The color is lovely and you are so incredibly generous! I hope you are gifted with equally lovely things! Thanks!

  27. Hi Jen, nice video as usual. Love this product and looking forward to get one myself.

    Just one thing, I did leave a comment to the blog when you posted your video on the updated Filofax but it got deleted when I checked. Can there be any fault when posting on the site internationally?

    All your videos are great. Just keep them coming. I really wait for them to update my planner. You were the first one that draw my attention so much to the planner/Filofax world, so many thanks.

    Keep it up


    1. I do have a rather aggressive spam filter on the blog and sometimes I lose comments that way. I apologize if this was the case with your last comment.

  28. Thanks so much for the great look at Kikki K! I love them! I will definitely have to check them out for their 2015 planner line then! Thanks for sharing about this new-to-me company, they look like they have gorgeous, high quality items!

  29. Yay, I entered your give-away! I have a planner from Paperchase. I live in the Netherlands and the FiloFax hype isn’t as big here. The stores do not have a lot of stuff… Bummer!

  30. Hi Jen,
    I’m a huge fan of all of your channels & posts. So glad I found you only in December. I am so far behind the times. I found Erin Condren through you & planner addicts & you inspired me to organize my life. My room is mostly done. Started in December. Still have to tackle my storage unit. UGH!! I am DYING to win any 1 of your generous giveaways. Would love this one due to the fact that I can’t get it any longer & by the time I fell in love they were unavailable. Thank you for your generosity in giving & SHARING. What a lovely lady you are!! Stay blessed!!

  31. Hi Jenn!

    I cannot believe you are giving these away. Wow. I tried to order them two weeks ago but they were already gone once I’ve heard about them. You are very lucky and thank you for the chance to win!
    You have inspired me to restart my blog and add my Filofax to it. I love organizing and decorating my Filofax!

    Thank you for the inspiration and keep doing what your doing. I love it!

  32. Such gorgeous planners & items Jen – you are so kind to hold such wonderful (& exciting) giveaways!
    Hugs to you! x

  33. Thank you so much for sharing! I love the beautiful colors and adorable little animal designs! I am enjoying my Erin Condren Life Planner, but I will definitely check out kikki K. for their other cute stationary/office supplies!

  34. I have that phone case and I wasn’t very happy with it. The stripes started to wear off after about 2 weeks use. I was really sad because it is such a pretty pattern.

  35. Hi Jen,
    How generous of you for doing this giveaway! I was so gutted when these ran out. I wrote to them and they told me to wait till April for the new personal planners. The berry and grey ones are cute but I wish they had polka dots! 🙂

    I love your channel- I have seen all your PopSugar box videos on your BusyBee channel 🙂

    Thanks once again!

  36. The planners are beautiful! Thank you for introducing them to us! Jen, you are always so generous! Thank you yet again for this awesome giveaway!

  37. Love Kikki K and have there Fuschia planner for 2014, cute side note about the company is they give their staff a day off on their birthday. How adorable is that? I find it hard leaving their stores, one of my favourites for sure.

  38. Wat a great show and tell! I’ve seen the talk on instagram too and have been curious to learn more. This video gave me just what i needed. I would love to get my hand on one! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Hi Jen, i’m italian and i thank you for this wonderful giveaway and i thank you because with you i try to improve my english!! xoxo titty

  40. Sorry if you already answered this but what do you use all of the different planners for? If anyone else knows, please let me know. I am stumped! Thanks

    1. I use my EC Life Planner for post planning (videos, blog posts, etc) and my Filo for general calendar planning and daily to-dos.

  41. Jen, I LOVE THIS! How cute is everything!! I am going to have to get in on that Planner Enthusiasts because I have a problem. these make my heart go pitter patter!

    LOVE your videos and your blogs…..to the point where my husband says, “Oh you watching Jen again?”….hehe…Umm..MAYBE.

  42. Hi Jen!
    Fingers crossed that I win! I have always wanted to buy something from Kikki.K but I cannot afford the high international shipping rates. Thanks for the chance to win, this is very sweet of you 🙂

  43. Glad for the chance to express my appreciation as I have been peeking in on your videos lately. Thank you for your sweet spirit, kindness and enthusiasm. Have found so many of your ideas helpful and inspiring. Really have been enjoying your friendly open sharing, and tips have proved very helpful. . It has been a real boost in regaining momentum after a season of mourning (4 deaths in the family) and seeking get back in the groove. . Blessings you and your family!

  44. I did watch and love your filofax , Erin condren planner videos along with a ton of other organisation videos. I currently use a planner from dollar store which has the monthly / weekly columns and a small space for notes . I practically just write the main points to remember and don’t gave space to elaborate but for time being it works. I am just amazed at the way you organize each and every detail and thank you for sharing your ideas and skills. Someday I like to own a filofax but equally loved the Kiki.k brand from your explanation and I would like to own one.

  45. I’m new to the planner world! lol! Thank you for this opportunity! I new to your channel and i love how you’ve helped me to get my act together and get organized! So thank you!

  46. I’m honestly okay not winning, although I’d love to. 🙂 I just wanted to say, you’re so sweet and genuine and I heart you for it.

  47. I would love the large A5 planner. I am so glad you put links to the Etsy stores in your video. I have been looking for those printed tabbed inserts and could only find one store. She only had one choice and they were not my colors.

    1. The Etsy shop owners I’ve had the pleasure of ordering from in the past have always been more than happy to create custom orders for me. If you find a shop that has the kind of style you’re going for, you could try messaging the shop owner to see if he/she is willing to make something specifically for you.

  48. I am so excited for this to be drawn. I finally saved up enough money to buy this and it was sold out. 🙁 it is so pretty ! your blog is amazing always read it ! xx

  49. Ok guys, I’m new to this Planner/filofaxing/kikki.k obsession and I have questions. Please help me! I love the kiki k personal planner in gray but I want a large sized one, how do I specify what size I want? Is the one for $70 large?

  50. Hi Jen – I was wondering how you use your Kikki K planner? I am reintroducing myself into the planner community. I already have an Erin Condren Planner and am possibly thinking about getting a Whitney English Daily Planner for work. But I wanted to see if you use this planner and what it looks like in action. Thanks! Leah

  51. Dear Jen,

    I thought your readers would like to know that I inquired at the Kikki K Customer Service about those beautiful mint planners and they said that a VERY limited number would become available on their website on Friday, June 27th, at 7:30am Australian time. They’ll be releasing more in October if you miss out.

    I was also wondering, since you have both a Filofax and a Kikki K planner, do the Filofax inserts fit in the Kikki K planners? I have an A5 Filofax Original and I’d like to switch over to a Kikki K planner, but keep the inserts. Is the ring system compatible in your opinion? I know that the Filofax has a 30mm ring system. Looking at photos, the sizes seem compatible but I’m not sure about if the page holes would line up with the ring’s spacing. Any help you might be able to provide would be awesome, thanks! Have a lovely day!

  52. Lilac. The new ones are Lilac. I came here to get a sense for the sizes since I can see them in your hands. I have been on a Lavender kick for a while now. Not an easy color to find. Such a nice company. They sent me a gift box just out of the blue a while back indicating they are looking to come to the U.S. I don’t know where or when but Lilac. I can’t wait that long. International shipping also looks much cheaper. They ship so quickly.

  53. Hi, just wanted to ask if u have the berry organizer with the gold embellishments as nf if do would u like to sell? I am totally in love but cant find any anywhere 🙁

    1. Is that one from last year or the year before? I think I’ve seen photos if so. I’m sorry, but I don’t have one.

  54. Dear Jen, I think these planners are absolutely adorable. I have not used a planner since college many years ago. You may have changed my mind about them and I am seriously considering purchasing one and giving it a try.

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