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I’m excited to able to share a great new beauty product with you guys on the day it launches!  As many of you know, I have been a Sigma affiliate since this past summer.  I have enjoyed being a Sigma customer for several years now (I own and love many of their makeup brushes) and becoming an affiliate was a new and exciting opportunity offered to me.  I’ve enjoyed being able to share monthly discount codes with you.  Now I am sharing a product launch, something I never dreamed I would be doing!

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*The makeup brush pictured is not included with the purchase of the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.*

I’ve recieved many requests over the past couple of year to share my makeup brush cleaning system with you.  I kept putting it off, because I felt like I didn’t really have anything new to share since there are so many wonderful makeup brush cleaning videos on YouTube from the beauty community already.  In fact, that’s how I picked up the tips that I incoporprated into my own brush cleaning routine – from YouTube videos!  Sigma sent me their new Brush Cleaning Glove to try out before the official launch date, which is today.  This was the push I needed to finally film my makeup brush deep cleaning system with you, because I am super excited about this cool new tool!

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The glove has two parts – a removable microfiber liner (machine washable) and a high quality silicone outer layer that rinses clean.  I prefer this to using a sponge, which is how I’ve cleaned my makeup brushes for years.  The silicone material seems durable and well-made, which means it should last for a very long time.   Another plus is that it won’t harbor any residual makeup, soap, or bacteria like an ordinary sponge would.

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The glove has two sides, one for face brushes and the other for eyes.  The different textures provides for a quick, easy, and thorough brush cleaning experience.  I’m never going back to using a sponge for cleaning brushes again!
OJ|TBBB 2:18:2013_4The glove comes in four colors (aqua, black, pink, or purple) and retails for $39.

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If you apply the code BASE2013 at checkout you will receive 10% off your entire purchase.  Sigma always sends a free gift for purchases totaling over $30, so you’ll get that with your purchase of the Spa Brush Cleaning Glove as well!  Let me know if you decide to pick one up how you like it!

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If you’d like to see how I use the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove to clean my makeup brushes, you can watch the video below:

*I am a Sigma Affiliate and make a commission off sales purchased through the links I provide.  The Sigma Spa Glove was sent to me for consideration.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.*


26 thoughts on “Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove”

  1. Thanks for the post Jen. I’m heading to the Sigma Beauty store at Mall of America tonight to get my hands on this. Looks amazing and well made. I can’t wait to clean my brushes (never thought I’d say that) Hehe!

  2. That looks amazing but $39? Hm. That seems pretty expensive. I’ve just been swirling the brushes in the palm of my hand with some baby shampoo. I suppose it works well enough. Maybe if the glove was $20, I could see myself buying it. But thanks for sharing the review! Gives me something to think about. Maybe as a birthday present to myself 🙂

    1. The glove is really cute and a great idea. The price point, however, is laughable. You can purchase a silicone oven mit for anywhere from $5 to $20 on the web at or on amazon or eBay. Fantastic concept but the price is ridiculous even with the discount code. Can’t justify that price for a glorified oven mitt.

      1. It is pricey I will admit. However, I looked at the ones you mentioned and they don’t compare. They just have little nubs on them. I think it’s a genious invention actually.

    2. Exactly! I think the same way!
      I’ve found this blog searching for talks about that! this price is a little abusive, unfortunately!
      it’s a great idea and i would surely buy one if it was cheaper!
      $39?? Not worth it…!!

  3. I feel like if this product was priced under $20 I would probably try it, however $39 ( even with the 10% 0ff) turns me off. It seems too gadgety for me. Soap & water and a dry towel work just fine.
    For someone who has as many brushes as you do , Jen, I could see how it’s a worthwhile product. Thanks for the review !

  4. Love it! Ordered the one in aqua plus my first sigma brush set( the mr. Bunny set!) and the dry n shape. Thank you for all the reviews and opinions you give. So excited to plunge into decent brushes and a good way to keep them like new.

  5. I love being a beauty fan – cosmetics are my obsession, but washing brushes is the worst part of that hobby. I think I might just need to get myself one of these little beauties. If nothing else the novelty will make the first few washes a little more fun!

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hi Jen! Terry here. I have been debating on buying the Sigma brushes for some time now because 1. I am a housewife that doesn’t really get out much, lol. 2. When I do get out, I do not really use significant amounts of makeup and 3. I have to use what small funds I have on necessities. However, with that said, I realized that whatever makeup I do apply would turn out quite nice if I had a good set of quality brushes. So I have decided to finally take the plunge and buy a set of Sigma brushes…YAY!

    Now, here’s my problem. I want to start off with all the essentials but I cannot afford a large set. I also need something to contain them in and I remember you saying you had a starter favorite. Is it the Mr. Bunny or Mrs. Bunny??? I’m sorry, I cannot remember. I want to start small so that I can add the spa glove to my order. I am so excited now because cleanining my current and new brushes is going to be so much fun. Thanks Jen and please let me know as I’d like to order them soon with the Christmas gift card my hubby gave me.

    As always, awesome post! Oh, and is it just me or are the pics not loading well?

    Terry =) <3

    1. Terry – The Mr. Bunny & Mrs. Bunny set are the same, just different colors (the former set is black and the latter is blue with pink ferrules). If you wear foundation I also recommend one of the Sigma kabuki brushes. My personal favorite for this purpose is the F84 Angled Kabuki. Let me know if you decide to pick anything up how you like them!

  7. Hi Jen, do Sigma have any international postage promo codes? I went to the checkout and the postage to the UK is about the same price as the glove! Thanks for sharing

  8. I really like your blog Jen, and I love your videos, I really do, but let’s be realistic here, 39€ is just crazy expensive for what is just a plastic gloves !

    I have sigma brushes too, and I wash then at least every week, but I swirling the brushes in the palm of my hand with some baby shampoo and it works perfectly. I think this is just a “place-taker-accesoiry-gadget”

    Please don’t do too much commercial, I wouldn’t like you to loose your cute spontaneity !

  9. Hi Jen! Thanks for the review! I like the glove idea. I’m thinking to try one of those l’oreal scrublets to see how that works first. It should be fine for eye brushes, I guess. I also wanted to say that Positively Polished looks fabulous! Looking forward to more great swatches from you and maybe some old favourites from your collection. (By the way, your ‘about’ section still says that it’s not launched yet.)

  10. Really wondering if I should get this…:) Reallllly tempted! …love Sigma brushes and cleaning them as easily and nicely as you show would be great!!!;)
    Saw Tiffanyd’s video on the same glove – her tip on the bowl of soap(y water!?) was great and will save soap as well:)

  11. I have been debating ordering some Sigma brushes for awhile now… I never used to wear makeup much, but recently have been and I feel like a decent set of brushes may encourage me even more 🙂 I think this cleaning mitt might have to go on my wish list though, as it’s a bit pricey for me to get at the moment if I’m also purchasing brushes. Thanks so much for the review though!

  12. Such a great product. I have watched your video and purchased it. Brush Cleaning Glove is the best thing I have ever have for cleaning. I am so glad I have found your article. Best regards!

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